Bitcoin Mining: TOP 5 weekly

During this week, the markets remained in a tense calm awaiting the results of the U.S. elections.

But Bitcoin mining, for its part, never stopped moving, in this work we present you the TOP 5 of the most important news.

Before starting with the analysis, it is important to highlight some elements that shone in this sector. One of them is the continuous bottleneck of the main cryptomoney network, which keeps the transaction fees at an unusually high level.

Another aspect of great importance is that Bitcoin Trader Hashrate is beginning to recover after the massive disconnections in China. From last week until now, it’s close to 120 EH/s. This indicates that the mines in Sichuan that were disconnected are already being reconnected in their places of origin.
This is the TOP 5 news about Bitcoin mining

Among the most outstanding news of the last 7 days, CryptoTrend, as always, brings you a summary. Here is the Top 5 of the most important information about mining in Bitcoin this week.

  • Bitcoin Hashrate recovers after disconnections in Sichuan
  • Bitcoin miners‘ earnings reach pre-Halving levels.
  • Kryptonite Mining Attracts Renewable Energy Producers
  • Ebang manufacturers‘ shares on Nasdaq keep pace
  • Hive Blockchain purchases and installs 1,240 ASICs

Computer power recovers strength

One of the most important news of the last few weeks, and one that of course could not be missing from this summary, is the state of the Hashrate. In many ways, computing power affects Bitcoin mining, so this is the main information in this TOP 5.

The Hashrate of the most important of the digital currencies, was placed below 110 EH/s, which generated many reactions in the network. The most obvious of these was the decrease in the difficulty of the miners to process blocks. Related to this, there was also a significant increase in transaction fees.

The fall and recovery of Bitcoin’s Hashrate around this time is an event that has become commonplace. It is related to the end of the winter season in the People’s Republic of China. Particularly in Sichuan, hydroelectric power is returning to pre-rainfall prices, causing miners to flee.
The computing power in the mining of the most popular of the crypto currencies, Bitcoin, recovers and is the main news of this weekly TOP 5. Source: The computing power in mining of the most popular of the crypto currencies, Bitcoin, is recovered and is the main news of this weekly TOP 5.

Bitcoin miners‘ income grew 8% in October

Miners‘ income soars to pre-Halving levels

As mentioned this week, Bitcoin mining earned significant revenues last October. The percentage growth, compared to September, was 8%, generating revenues of US$353.7 million.

But in the first days of this month, the revenue shot up to pre-Halving levels in May. It should be noted that before Halving, the daily income was approximately USD 20 million. After the cut, it has oscillated between $10 and $12 per day on average.

However, on November 2, it began to rise sharply and stood at 15 million USD. On the other hand, on November 3 and 4, it was imposed up to $16 and $21 million respectively. From there, it dropped slightly to $18 and $16 million the following days.
Crypto Mining Attracts Renewable Energy Producers

Another information that can’t be missing in this TOP 5 related to Bitcoin mining, is a green trend. This is one of the largest conglomerates producing renewable energy in the world, the En+ Group, which formed a partnership with BitRiver to mine cryptosystems and preserve the environment.

The agreement between the two companies resulted in the creation of Bit+ Farms in the Russian Federation. The first of these Bitcoin generation centers with hydroelectric power will have 10 Megawatts.

Although the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment, according to recent studies, is less than previously thought, doubts remain. In the face of this, this type of initiative tries to contribute with an image that is more attached to reality in terms of the impact of the digital mining industry on the environment.

Ebang shares remain solid in Nasdaq

The Chinese company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for mining Bitcoin, Ebang, remains with a good level in the stock market. Together with its sister company Canaan Creatives, it is the only two firms of its kind listed on Nasdaq. The first has less you