Crypto Adoption Skyrockets: 20% of Americans Own Crypto Now

• Morning Consult has published a survey on behalf of Coinbase exchange to reveal that 20% of Americans own at least one crypto asset.
• 80% of Americans perceive the global financial system as unfair, expensive and confusing.
• Crypto ownership is highest among younger Americans with 36% of Gen Z and 30% of Millennials reportedly owning crypto assets.

Coinbase Survey Reveals That 20% Of Americans Own Crypto

A survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Coinbase exchange has revealed that up to 20% (52.3 million) of Americans own some type of cryptocurrency, while 29% (75.5 million) have indicated an interest in purchasing crypto over the next 12 months. This suggests that the adoption rate for cryptocurrency is increasing in the United States.

Americans Perceive Global Financial System As Unfair

The survey findings also indicate that 80 percent of Americans perceive the current global financial system as unfair, expensive and confusing, while 67 percent agree that it needs a complete overhaul. Accordingly, many American investors are shifting their focus towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as they believe that it can make the financial system fairer in the future.

Younger Generations Lead Crypto Adoption

Crypto ownership is highest among younger generations; 36 percent of Gen Z and 30 percent of Millennials reportedly own crypto assets according to the survey data from Morning Consult. This shows that younger investors are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than older generations who may be more hesitant or lack knowledge about digital assets.

Americans See Crypto As The Future

Despite recent market decline and widespread contagion, 65 percent of crypto investors in the U.S said that the best days for cryptocurrencies are still ahead us according to the report findings; 70 percent of older investors and over 50 percent of Gen Z & Millennial expressed optimism about how blockchain and cryptocurrency will redefine finance in years to come..


Overall, this survey reveals an increasing trend in crypto adoption amongst US citizens as well as a growing optimism about its potential role within global finance systems going forward